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Daily Visitor | $15

Outdoor Workshops | $10 per student | Learn More & Join Us

Our dojo is open to adult men and women (18+ years) in the Orange County, CA area. We welcome all who are interested in learning Aikido, motivated to train regularly, and making new friends. 

You must have the ability to do mild-to-moderate break falls and rolls. Any physical conditions that you think might inhibit your enjoyment should be brought to the instructor’s attention immediately. We hold a high-level of concern for you safety and well-being.

Enrollment is available at any time. If you are interested in training with us, please contact us to arrange your first visit.

Private Classes*

Individual training sessions can be arranged to help a student focus on fundamentals or achieve a more advanced goal.

*Class times and fees are by appointment and depend on instructor availability. 


Essential Basics

These classes are made up of warm-up exercises, tai sabaki (body movement), ukemi (learning to fall and roll), and elementary open-hand techniques (waza). The term “kihon” refers to foundational training often performed slowly and precisely. Students practice both the nage (applying the techniques) and uke (receiving the techniques)..


Intermediate & Advanced

Following on from the Essential Basics, Intermediate & Advanced classes focus on improving and expanding your application of tai sabaki, ukemi, and taijitsu waza. The pace of these classes is faster, so self-discipline and focus are a must. 

Instructor approval required prior to participation


Weapons Training

These classes include bokken (wooden sword), jo (short staff), and tanto (wooden knife). As with open-hand classes, these classes are presented in three ways: Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced. Training includes: Etiquette, suburi (usage), kata (solo forms), paired practice, and defense against weapons.

A note for beginners:

“There is a big difference between watching and practicing Aikido. Training begins with warm-up exercises and stretching. Then, we practice footwork, “ukemi” (e.g. falling and rolling), and other basic exercises. As you gain confidence and understanding, we progress to more challenging principles.
“Aikido is not an easy martial art to master. We regularly learn self-defense techniques, work on balance, flexibility, and reflexes. In the course of your training, you will experience breakthroughs and setbacks. These are normal and necessary steps to developing your body, mind, and spirit. I invite you to visit our dojo, and join us on the mat. Bring your comfortable, loose fitting workout clothes, healthy skepticism, and good humor.”
Sensei Alex Natelli